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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Mailbox is Bigger Than Yours  

Used to be a time when one's work e-mail address was often the primary address you had. One of the main reasons was that Hotmail's 1 MB and even Yahoo's 5/6 MB just couldn't be where you could hang your hat and receive brickbats and bouquets (especially if they were high resolution pictures of bouquets). Of course, some people also felt that having the words "Hotmail" or "Yahoo" in your address didn't sound too "professional", either. But over the last few years, that reason has faded, both because the pervasiveness of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail made it a moot issue, and because those that still had a hang-up about it started using other services like PoBox.com or domain forwarding services like the one that gives you the choice of becoming you@yourprofession.com and so on. Which brought us back to the size limitation as the main reason.

And then it hit me yesterday; with the Gmail-initiated increase in mail quota by almost every online mail provider, we are not at the point where, in a lot of cases, the online services are providing you with a larger mailbox than your employer!