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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


New HTML Editor

Some of us that made the transition from Mozilla to Firefox wondered where the Composer went. Now we know. It's hiding at:


Seriously, a colleague just pointed me to that site, and Nvu ("N-View") seems to be the answer to all our prayers--and a perfect counterpoint to Firefox, the browser that has people like in a tizzy. It's a free and, I think, full-featured Web Authoring tool. It is not just a "lite" HTML editor--I had been making do with Netscape Composer and copies of FrontPage Express downloaded from back allies on the Internet since Microsoft forced it underground.

The moment my colleague showed it to me on his screen, I said, "that looks like it's based on the Netscape Composer--and sure enough! the website says it is "based on the Mozilla Composer code-base". It doesn't put in any HTML codes that you don't want it to; you can just use it like I would a light HTML editor. And it can handle whatever you want to do if and when you need some really hardcore HTML editing with styles or even style sheets; tables with lines on three sides; you name it!

Hallelujah, Eureka, Mubarak! and all that jolly stuff, what!