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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

American Jugni  

Just caught a bit of a song I rather liked on BBC Asian Network (in itself a new phenom worth discussing--desi, South Asian, radio the way it should be done!) and went looking for the name I thought they told me at the end of the set (this late afternoon listening in the UK): American Jugni.

I found another song by the same artist (Bikram Singh), and one which actually addresses the topic of an American Jugni (a "jugni", as best I have been able to understand it, is a Punjabi celebratory song):

aik amrikan jugni yaaron bangRa pondhee aa!

I'll dance to that!

Of course, the wording does point out what went through my mind when I heard the phrase: "Shouldn't that be 'Amrikan Jugni'?" since this is supposed to be in Punjabi? And yes, that's how the song identifies itself. There seems to be a whole album with that title. I will have to explore this further...

So, an American Jugni, friends, a new beat to dance to! We're moving past the "Patel Rap" that was not our own sound and now on to dancing to our own tune!